M.A.D. Database FAQ's

Q. I love the idea, What Do I Need to Install the PhantomALERT Database?
A. The database is a list of locations, which need to be transferred to your GPS device. You'll need your GPS, a USB cable to connect to your computer, any disks which came with your GPS, an internet connection and a PC running Windows XP or Vista, or a Mac Running OS 10.x. You'll need to know how to do a few simple computer tasks like download from a link, create a new folder and move files around on your PC. If you're using a Mac please make sure you click on the Mac instructions for downloading into your TomTom or GARMIN. Magellan dos not support the Apple Mac platform. 

Q. Is it legal to use PhantomALERT on my GPS?

A. Absolutely! PhantomALERT is 100% legal in all states. We even have Police, Sheriffs departments and other public safety organizations as customers! 

Q. How accurate is the data? 

A.  PhantomALERT is the largest, most accurate compilation of GPS safety data available! Our data is compiled & verified through multiple audits by PhantomALERT in addition to the thousands of contributions of users who add and verify data they personally experience in everyday driving. To maintain the database’s accuracy, we strive to ensure the data is accurate through a unique ranking system using multiple submissions, user view ratings and our own proprietary validation

Q. What's the difference between a “Monthly” "Annual" and a "Lifetime" PhantomALERT subscription?

A. The monthly and annual subscription provides free updates to a single GPS device for an entire calendar year or for one month from the date of purchase. A lifetime subscription provides free updates to the database for as long as you own your GPS; additionally, with the Lifetime subscription you can add PhantomALERT to multiple GPS devices if you or your family own more than one.  You also get valuable no-cost updates to new devices such as smart phones as they become available

Q. I have several GPS devices; can I use 1 copy of PhantomALERT on all of them?

A. By purchasing our Lifetime subscription, you may use PhantomALERT on multiple devices. Click Here to Purchase A Lifetime Subscription

Q. How Does the map application work? 

A. The PhantomALERT Database Application displays Red Light Camera, Speed Trap and other POI locations as geocoded longitude and latitude data using google maps, the coordinates correspond to user entered locations word-wide. Simply select a metro area, map location or enter cross streets and city in the field above the map tabs and the map displays the coordinates as the geocoding engine looks up the data and displays the location on the map as a camera or police Icon.

Q. I just purchased a PhantomALERT SmartGPS PIN card, what now?

A. First thanks for supporting our retailers and purchasing PhantomALERT! SmartGPS PIN cards are a convenient with a scratch-off area on the back (if there’s no scratch off area you received a display card by mistake. Just return the card to your retailer and exchange it for a live card) To access your PIN, simply scratch off the oval area on the back side and you’ll see your PIN number.  Then go to www.phantomalert.com/download

Q. Is My GPS compatible with PhantomALERT?

A. Most all auto, portable GPS devices from GARMIN*, TomTom and Magellan are compatible Please click here for a complete list of GARMIN, TomTom & Magellan models: http://www.phantomalert.com/FAQs/GPS-Compatibility-List.html   Currently In -Car factory installed navigation is not supported though check back often as we're working with OEM's to provide this functionality. Sony, Nextar, MIO and other brands are not currently compatible. ***While you may install PhantomALERT into some handheld navigation devices for general navigation, you may not see the same performance as from those specifically designed for automotive use.
*See the below FAQ on GARMIN models compatible with voice alerts

Q.  How do I keep my GPS current with PhantomALERT’s frequent updates?

A. Updating your GPS is as easy as the initial installation.  Currently GPS devices must be  connected to a computer to update the database with new alerts.  You can repeat the installation process several ways: 1.  Find your welcome email and follow the instructions, It is the same as the initial installation   2. If you already know your Pin number or you have a SmartGPS pin card, go to www.phantomalert.com/smartgps and follow the instructions. (If you’ve misplaced you pin see the lost PIN FAQ  below) Repeat the installation process and the file in your GPS will be replaced with the latest version.

Q.  I misplaced my PIN can I get a replacement? 
A. In today’s hectic world it’s easy to misplace or accidently delete an email or lose a PIN card, but remember, your PIN number is valuable, it’s your lifeline to ticket-free driving!  Your PIN is located either on the back of your SmartGPS card or in your welcome mail, embedded at the very end in the product url (blue link) for your device type If you need us to replace your PIN number or welcome email, please contact customer support here (www.phantomalert.com/tt) and complete the short form to create a ticket.  We’ll send you a new welcome mail and PIN number. If you’re updating an existing PhantomALERT installations, see the above FAQ 2 on how to update your device.

Q. How Does the Purchase Process work?

A. It's easy to get up and running with PhantomALERT in your GPS or smart phone. Simply purchase the subscription by clicking here you’ll be directed to our SMART GPS page, where your new Pin will be automatically populated and all you need to do is select you device type from the top tabs and enter your phone and email, you’ll then be directed right to the download instructions and files for your device.REMIDER: Don’t forget to check your email, we send out a confirmation email with download links for each GPS brand.  You can Just click on your brand of GPS and you'll go straight to the download page. AOL USERS PLEASE NOTE: AOL currently has some unique requirements for hypertext, so to get to the download page, you'll need to COPY THR ENTIRE URL ADDRESS from the welcome mail into your browser and hit return.

Q. How do I get support or technical assistance?

A. Click here to contact our customer help desk. We provide support through an online ticket system which tracks and manages the issue resolution process quickly and efficiently** Please Submit only one ticket per issue, multiple tickets will result increased response times*** . Please fill out  the support contact form and submit, one of our technicians will respond with a solution. Please note: that response times may vary depending upon time of day and support volume. Our normal support hours are 8-8 Monday through Friday Eastern time. We offer limited support response on weekends and holidays. 

Q.  I have a new Smartphone, Can I install PhantomALERT?

A.  Yes you can. PhantomALERT saw the opportunity early on and is dedicated to providing Smartphone users with the same advanced protection and ticket-free driving that GPS PhantomALERT users enjoy. We’re proud to announce the release PhantomALERT for Google Android powered smart phones.! PhantomALERT will be releasing compatible versions for the iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry soon!  
****To get your Android powered Smartphone up and running with PhantomALERT today,  just follow these instructions:
1. Find Android "Market" icon on your smart phone. Click on it.
2.  Select search option.
3. Search for PhantomALERT.
4. Download Application.
5. Launch Application and get enforcement area alerts and live traffic camera feed.
6. Drive smart, safe and ticket free.

Q.  I see some “Free” GPS camera warning POIs, why do you charge for PhantomALERT?
A. PhantomALERT database is the biggest and most accurate in the world. Our enforcement database contains over 500,000 + location. All verified and checked. Additionally, PhantomALERT provides FREE tutorials, FREE instructions and above all FREE tech support.  Yes, we have a call center with live people to answer your questions. Sure you can get a few thousand free POIs from a no name website, but do you know where the data came from? Is it accurate? Do they offer help installing it? Will they be around if you want a refund? If you use datasets from unreliable sources you will definitely be at risk of getting a ticket. Why take a chance? PhantomALERT’s LifeTime subscription plan is only $99.99. The first time we help you avoid a ticket it's paid for itself.
If you think about it the old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” it remains true regarding GPS warning apps.  PhantomALERT goes to great lengths to continue to evolve our software’s accuracy, compatibility & full support PhantomALERT is the market leader in GPS based safety warning; with the support of our loyal subscribers, we’ll continue to keep PhantomALERT  at the front of the pack and value priced.

.  Can I get some help online loading and using PhantomALERT?  
A. Of course! We created a detailed online tutorial series which gives you online step-by –step instructions on how to download and install PhantomALERT in your GPS device, just pick your brand and click!

Q.  I’ve seen a map of enforcement locations on your site, can I add a new location or verify existing ones? 

A. Yes you can and we encourage everyone to do that. PhantomALERT ‘s 500,000 location database is a combination of data contributed and verified by users like you as well as national, city, state and county data managed and edited by PhantomALERT.  We want all our subscribers to add and verify, it’s easy and takes only a few minutes to add a location or even multiple locations along a travel route and then update your device. 

Q.  I’d like to get voice alerts for my GARMIN. Are they available?

A. Yes they are available to all Garmin device.

Q. I've installed PhantomALERT and I get Warnings but don't see different Icons

A. Depending upon the make and model of your device, you may receive audio and an "Alert" warning or if your device has text to speech capabilities you can configure the device and PhantomALERT files to alert to different types of safety zones.  See the above  GARMIN compatible devices which allow for voice alerts and custom icons.  Devices not specifically supported  will have an alert bar and tone as the warning  alert as you approach a POI.

Q. I've Installed PhantomALERT but it only warns me when I'm near a school zone

A. Click on the link we sent you for your device type in your confirmation email and try to download the database again, you may have selected just school zones when configuring the download.

Q. I've installed PhantomALERT and I See The Waypoints/POI's in my device but I'm not receiving alerts

A. Depending upon the make and model of your device, you may need to ensure that you have loaded the POI's as "proximity" POI's. Each device has a different check box in the installation process. Review the installation processes by clicking on your welcome mail for your device type. You may also need to review the settings in your device to ensure that there are audio alerts enabled. 

Q. I plug in my GPS to the computer, but it doesn't recognize it and I can't upload PhantomALERT

A. GPS devices transfer information and communicate with PC's through USB. Usually just connecting your device will start the connection process with your computer. You may need to either switch your device on and off or plug and unplug it or perhaps try a rear USB port2.

Q. What are the "POI's" you refer to?

A. POI is GPS nomenclature for "Point Of Interest" most GPS devices use POI as a frame of reference for navigation. The Red Light Cameras, Speed Traps and other safety zones for which PhantomALERT provides warning, are POI's 

Q. Can I share your sites online map and locations? 

A. We want all our users and the driving public world-wide to benefit from the efforts of the community. We ask that you help other drivers and contribute a location after you purchase the data and share the site's URL. If you'd like to become an affiliate and display the database application on your site commercially, please contact us and we'll get you started.